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House Rules
House Rules
Dear guest,
As an organic farm, we would like to maintain an ecologically balanced environment and to ensure minimum wastage. Therefore, kindly follow the Do’s & Don’ts guideline to keep our farmland less polluted.
Be Friendly With All Small Animals & Insects.
It is their homeland here and they’re not harm, it’s just that they aren’t often appear in the city.
Prepare Mosquito Repellent.
We are surrounded by greens, please prepare yourself with mosquito repellent.
Bring Your Own; We Do Not Provide.
Such as Towel, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shopping Bag (Plastic Bag), Food Container & Water Bottle.
Say No To Tissue Papers.
To protect trees and exchange fresh air, we encourage washing hand. Washing basin is near the dining area.
Use only ONE set of cutleries and plate for EACH person
Just like eating at home, we use only one set of dining ware during our meal time. Why would we need more when eating out?
Think Before Act, Not All Are Trash.
We provide recycle bin but not trash bin! Think before you throw. Every one of us responsible for the environment cost.
Save Electricity & Water.
To show that you do care about Mother Nature too, please join us to save electric & water usage during your visit.
Cut noise pollution from 10pm to 7am
We care about your sleeping quality especially kids & elderly. Let them sleep in a silent night.
Do not smoke.
Smoking / Vaping is strictly prohibited in this eco-balance environment. Please be considerate for other people and appreciate this clean homeland.
Do not self-cook or BBQ.
Meals are included in your package. BBQ is not recommended in our farm due to it’s really not good for your body and the fresh air.
Do not bring any food into room.
The food that you like is also ant’s love. They can smell it and will come in a big group unless you would like to stay with them.
Do not use pollutants such as detergent while washing and bathing.
We provide homemade natural 2in1 body & hair shampoo in bathroom, suitable for children to elderly.
Do not use or litter non-degradable materials such as polythene and plastic.
We seek for your help to keep such litter away from our farm because we are not able to turn them into compost.
Do not bring along pets.
Pets are not allow as some people may not feel friendly with them.
Do not cut branches and pluck any flowers or plants.
Please look for our staff if you really interested into any plants. Please do not do it on your own, just to protect the plant and, just respect.
Please take note that air-conditioner, television, internet is not provided in our farm. Kindly be prepared for your necessary and enjoy the trip.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
Our Head Office
Titi Eco Farm Resort Sdn Bhd
Titi Eco Organic Food Industry Sdn Bhd
No.28, Jalan SS1/23, Kampung Tunku,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 7874 8122
Fax: +603 7873 8191
Our Farm
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