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Our Lifestyle
Health consciousness and wellness practice become more common in this fast-pace generation. Organic lifestyle is the way to go. Organic food isn’t the only aspect to organic living, also extend to other aspect like environment, reducing carbon footprint, house hold products, energy saving etc… Change your mindset and think green!

Living an Organic lifestyle means enjoying and respecting nature, breathing fresh air, exercising and take care of our health from an emotional, mental and physical perspective. Having a certain mindset and initiate the change in yourself, knowing that your habits and deeds will have an influence over the state of the environment and the equilibrium of the natural life cycle.

At Titi Eco Farm, we try to make healthy and environment friendly product by ourselves like body shampoo, enzyme detergent. We try to reduce our impact on the environment to a minimum by saving energy, saving water, and also reduce wastage.
Health Conscious
Being health conscious is not just about the nutrition you eat. Is about how well you know about your body, and what your body needs, and managing your nutrition, fitness, stress and environment.

At Titi Eco Farm, we share our passion in diet, food source, environment issues and sustainable practices to let us all towards a healthy lifestyle.
Waste Management
It is so easy to be not responsible of unwanted things by throwing it into the dustbin, end of story? No, sadly the rubbish you created will still end up somewhere in this world, unless it is biodegradable. Waste management requires a lot of effort and thinking.

At Titi Eco Farm, we actively seek and embrace initiatives in managing waste to protect our mother nature. We cannot stop waste production entirely, but everyone can make a significant contribution. Think before you throw! Join us to save energy and natural resources, together we help reduce pollution and the need for landfill.
our current lifestyle and the way we design and make. Do we really need these things? Is there another use for this? Can this be recycled?
What We Practice
  • We dont't waste, think before you act
what you dont't need. Don't accept a product at all if you don't need it or if it's environmentally or socially unsustainable.
What We Practice
  • We don't give plastic bag & receipt bill
  • We don't use harmful chemicals in producing vegetables and products
what you do need. To cut trash, simply consume less. It is the idea that less is more.
What We Practice
  • Minimal amount of packaging
  • Use 1 plate & cutlery each person meal to reduce water use for washing dishes
  • Motion sensor light for hallway and corridor for energy saving
to expand the useful life of products.
What We Practice
  • Encourage Bring Your Own shopping bag / take-away container
  • Reuse glass jar for second purpose, either for storage or planting or anything else
  • Turn food scrap into compost, it is the best nutrient for our plants.
fix thing that broke instead of buying new.
What We Practice
  • We repair things before it worn out instead of buying whole new thing.
it the last option. Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, reuse & repair.
What We Practice
  • Recycle bin are placed at designated area - paper, plastic, glass
  • Please separate and clean before throw, we will send it to recycle station
There is vulnerability in slowing down and simply being. Disconnect from the internet and start connecting to the nature, the person next to you, or the food that you are eating, your body’s signals. Take your time and be with yourself in this calm and peaceful environment.
Our Head Office
Titi Eco Farm Resort Sdn Bhd
Titi Eco Organic Food Industry Sdn Bhd
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47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 7874 8122
Fax: +603 7873 8191
Our Farm
Kampung Titi, Jelebu
Lot 1706, 1708, 1203, 1349, 1916, Sungai
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