Farm Experience; Knowing Food Source
Farm Experience
Urbanization due to rapid growth in the world economy influences on agriculture, especially on Organic farming, where we need a less pollution environment to produce high quality food. Organic farming is not just about clean and safe food supplies, it is also about the relationship with the environment, sustainable practices, managing waste and resources.

We welcome you to experience our farm, get close to the food source, learn more about Organic farming and lifestyle.
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KNOW YOUR CLEAN FOOD SOURCE. Walking into an Organic Farm certainly reminds you especially kids that our food is come from the soil; not from factory. By understanding concept of Organic Farming reminds you especially adults that money can’t buy clean & safe food without one’s effort to keep a clean and unpolluted land.

HARVEST YOUR FOOD; TOUCH THE SOIL. Get dirt your hand, get close to the food. To most people soil is just dirt, to all plants soil is source of life. Harvesting for your own food let you feel the farmer’s sweats and tears who grow food for us, you will certainly taste the sweet and happiness from food you harvested.

MAKE YOUR OWN; TASTE YOUR EFFORT. Simple hands-on activities let you have a chance to make your own healthy food from scratch; simple dish from farm-to-table. Eating healthy is as simple as you give your heart to your loved one, give in all to your food.

SLOW IT DOWN; EXPERIENCE ORGANIC LIFESTYLE. Come and experience the Organic Living at Titi Eco Farm, all you need is slow down your pace and open up your mind to try something may be not ordinary in your routine lifestyle, from Diet Pattern, Rest Time to Leisure Activity or more. Feel yourself being discharged, relief and refresh!

KNOW YOUR BEHAVIOR AND THE ENVIRONMENT. Join us for practicing Low Carbon Lifestyle as a field trip. Your action is definitely direct or indirectly affected the environment surrounding us, no matter where you are. This environment is one and the only one which giving us shelters and resources to live on.
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